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Individual Bra Consultations

Schedule your personal bra-consultation appointment

80% of women wear the wrong bra size and aren't satisfied with the comfort of their lingerie. That’s why a bra-fitting is incredibly important. It can stop pinching bra wires, cutting bra straps, headaches - even neck, shoulder, and back pain!

Our specially trained staff is able to take care of individual needs and preferences. By taking your measurements we can calculate your true bra size and choose a cut adapted to your body.
In case we don’t have your model of choice in stock, we can easily order it within a couple of days. Additionally, our custom tailor can change your bra according to your personal requirements.
Especially important for women with bigger breasts is an in-depth consultation. Luckily at KÖRPERNAH we stock a wide product range comprising of over 3000 bras in more than 130 sizes. This variety allows us to find the perfect bra for all body shapes. Of course, we also offer matching bottoms in a variety of cuts.
A well-fitted bra has a positive impact on posture and gives you a flattering silhouette. When you wear well-fitting underwear, it makes you feel sexier, more confident and boosts your self-esteem. Our team wants to find your perfect set of lingerie so you feel like the belle of the ball.
Come by and enjoy our great and personalized costumer service

Our service also covers:

  • Alteration tailor
  • Online reservations
  • Feel-good service

For appointments call:

  • Schöneberg Tel. +49-30-215 7471
  • Zehlendorf Tel. +49-30-6040 7990
  • Wilmersdorf Tel. +49-30-2100 5090
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