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Bras in plus sizes

Big is beautiful…

… and not only that!

Women with big cups know how difficult it can be to find the right bra that protects, doesn’t cut or pull, and looks appealing, all at the same time. Our lingerie stylists are here to tackle the challenge and take extra time to offer these women the best possible service. We know their special requirements and how essential a well-fitting bra is for a large bosom. Of special importance is the back strap - it is essential that it sits tight against the back, so the shoulder straps are not carrying the weight of the breasts alone. Otherwise it can lead to shoulder, neck and back problems. Also, the bra wire should surround the breast completely, so it doesn’t slip, poke or feel uncomfortable.

Our wide product and brand range is diverse and excellently fits these needs. Labels like PrimaDonna, Ulla, Anita and Empreinte focus on classic and traditional style, while PrimaDonna Twist, Freya, and Fantasy follow more trend-setting and younger styles. This latter style is more highly represented in our shop in trendy Schöneberg.

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